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Welcome to the Rubix community

This is a space for enterprises, dApp developers, stakeholders and blockchain advocates to aggregate resources and ideas to make a difference through our green blockchain technology.

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Collaborating with enterprises and developers to change the world

Our partners are actively developing applications to support a variety of use cases. Our fully decentralized architecture supports a faster and more secure transition of Web2 to Web3, and the development of DAOs and dApps.

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Our partners strengthen our foundation and the utility offered by the revolutionary L1 Rubix platform through the development and scaling of groundbreaking apps for ESG, media, real estate, construction, telecom, pharma, NFT, metaverse, DeFi, GameFi, cybersecurity, cloud, and more.
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Rubix’s unique, lightweight subnet architecture and revolutionary Proof-of-Pledge protocol enables our partner DEVS to build secure, reliable, and efficient dApps that enable enterprises to realize their transformation goals.
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Our developers bring the passion, knowledge, and technical resources needed to deliver next-generation Web3 and Web5 platforms and through innovative, scalable solutions.
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Our advisors share our passion for making this world a better place through Web3. They inspire our core team to change the status quo and make the impossible possible.
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Current news & insights

Check out the latest news and announcements from Rubix.


Rubix Hackathon

Start 2023 off right by registering for the next Top Rubix Start-up Hackathon! Join the community and build any project that leverages Rubix blockchain technology.


Financial Times Crypto & Digital Assets Summit Panel

How do we align digital asset markets with UN Sustainable Development Goals? Is the blockchain the missing piece to bringing the world back on track to a two degree temperature rise?

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Invest in Rubix, make a difference

As the fastest-growing L1 blockchain in the world, Rubix is consistently seeking new investors to expand its global ecosystem and technology foundation.